4 benefits of traveling to the Caribbean during hurricane season

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Hurricane season

4 benefits of traveling to the Caribbean during hurricane season

The annual hurricane season in the Caribbean runs from June to late October. The chance of tropical storms that arise above the Atlantic is greater and they often heading towards the Caribbean. The one year produces more storms than other years. Nevertheless, the travel agencies anticipate very panicky about this phenomenon. As a traveler you are pointed to possible risks. Justified or not?

Let me make this clear, do not postpone your trip because of the hurricane season. Actually the denomination is wrong. You expect a random island completely destroyed weekly by a terrible evil tropical cyclone. If that was the case, a vacation to the Caribbean was already no longer possible, right?

Coincidentally, in 2005 I was in the Caribbean on St. Eustatius, the most active hurricane season since 1914.  About 5 of the 25 hurricanes I’ve experienced that season, but not all of them at close range. Sometimes such a storm comes very close and turns just around an island, without hitting it. Once my favorite beach was a victim of a close passing hurricane. One day on the other the beach was gone. Vanished as if it had never been there in the first place. The weather at the time in a large area was determined under the influence of the tropical storm. As a result high waves, which can disappear beaches or let them just appear again. A week later another close passing hurricane gave back my favorite beach.

4 benefits of traveling to the Caribbean during hurricane season

  1. The hurricane season is simultaneously with the low season in the Caribbean. This brings a substantial advantage; lower rates for airfare and competitive deals for holidays. Hotel rooms are sometimes up to 50% cheaper!
  2. During the hurricane season, there is more rain. This means a greener nature and provides more color. Perfect choice for your photos.
  3. Because many travel agents still unfairly discourage travel during hurricane season, you will meet less tourists in the Caribbean. This is also an advantage. That idyllic beach you have for yourself and that one tourist hotspot is not littered with tourists. How about the paradisiacal photographs you can make now?
  4. On all the islands in the Caribbean, they use so-called high season- and low season rates. During the hurricane season you can easily just save up to 50% for car rental, boat trips or excursions. Even restaurant prices are sometimes lower than during the peak season.

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