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Only in St. Lucia; the Pitons and world’s only drive-in volcano Sulphur Springs

St. Lucia is one of the most exclusive islands in the Caribbean. The Pitons, two characteristic volcanic peaks and part of the UNESCO World Heritage, are very photogenic. St. Lucia also houses the world’s only real drive-in volcano Sulphur Springs. Are you going to explore this adventurous island?

Beautiful Martinique

French Martinique is located in between the two British islands of Dominica and Saint Lucia. A hidden and remarkably prosperous world where mass tourism not yet has struck. An island with two faces. The modern capital Fort-de-France, but just outside that city the so recognizable Caribbean setting. Martinique is an Overseas region and department of […]

I give you 10 reasons why Guadeloupe should be your next holiday destination

Guadeloupe is a small archipelago of islands. It is a French overseas department in the Caribbean. This makes it a direct part of France. There are many reasons to visit this French overseas paradise! I give you the top 10. French culture in the tropics. Searching an alternative for France? Add a tropical twist to […]

Saba; Kingdom of the Netherlands above the clouds

Who thought that The Netherlands has reached its peak at the Vaalserberg (322 meters), is wrong. More than 7,000 kilometers west Saba rices majestically out of the Caribbean Sea with Mount Scenery as her highest peak: 887 meters above sea level. This makes it both the highest point in The Netherlands and the Kingdom of the Netherlands.