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Big wallet or small budget; Curacao is for everyone

Curacao; located above the coast of Venezuela, Aruba left and Bonaire right as neighboring islands. Until 2010, part of the former Netherlands Antilles and since then a country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Curaçao by many appeals to the imagination; Sun, sea and beach. Am I a bummer as I’m partially negate this imagination? […]

Saint Martin; where The Netherlands borders with France

Saint Martin is a very small island and important hub in the Caribbean. This particular island is also a division of countries since 1648. Due to a twist in history it is the only place in the world where The Netherlands (Sint-Maarten) still borders with France (Saint Martin).

St. Eustatius; the Golden Rock

What comes to mind when thinking of the Caribbean are the white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees and cocktails. Or so I thought about it until I arrived ten years ago in St. Eustatius – Statia commonly called – and my complete assumption was nullified in a hit. In a negative way? Not at all, up to this day it’s one of my favorite islands. You find yourself still in the past on Statia, partly because the time seems to stand still there…

Saba; Kingdom of the Netherlands above the clouds

Who thought that The Netherlands has reached its peak at the Vaalserberg (322 meters), is wrong. More than 7,000 kilometers west Saba rices majestically out of the Caribbean Sea with Mount Scenery as her highest peak: 887 meters above sea level. This makes it both the highest point in The Netherlands and the Kingdom of the Netherlands.