Pinel Island, St. Maarten: Island hopping for dummies

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Pinel Island St. Maarten

Pinel Island, St. Maarten: Island hopping for dummies

Island hopping, it sounds fun already. But what is it actually? Well, just hopping from one island to the other, visiting several islands within a trip. The Caribbean and especially St. Maarten are very suitable for this activity, by ferry or by plane for instance. For whom this is all just a little too exciting, there is Pinel Island. A small island near the French part of St. Maarten. A completely different world, a little paradise, and therefore a complete feeling of being somewhere else. Come on, I’ll take you to Pinel Island; Island hopping for dummies.

Pinel Island by boat

Pinel Island of Îlet de Pinel

Pinel Island, also called Îlet de Pinel in French, is located northeast of the French part of St. Maarten. It is a tiny island with a beautiful white sandy beach, a huge population of iguanas (I wonder how they end up here…), two beach bars, beach beds and swaying palms. You reach the island by boat easily. It departs from the port of Cul-de-Sac. The trip will cost you less than $ 10 per person. Throughout the year there is usually a boat to Pinel Island every 30 minutes. However, it differs by season when the last boat returns to St. Maarten. In high season this is at 5:00 PM, however in low season the last boat gets back at 4:00 PM. Do not miss the it, as a result you’ll spend the night together with the many iguanas!

Iguana Leguaan Pinel Island

Experience the differences with St. Maarten

Although the island is very small, it is more than worth visiting. This tiny world is completely different from that of St. Maarten. Especially when you stay on the Dutch side, it is a relief on Pinel Island. Here you will unwind. Just spend the afternoon and experience the contrast and thus discover the art of the island hopping. That’s the fun of it, experience the differences! Go for a snorkel or just hang lazily at the bar tables that are put into the sea. Enjoy the cocktails, but do not forget to drink enough water. As a matter of fact, it can be very hot due to the limited shade.

Palm tree Coconut Pinel Island

Once you have made the day trip to Pinel Island, this only makes for more. I can assure you that! And you know what’s so great? St. Maarten is the ideal base for discovering other islands. Do you love luxury and beautiful beaches? Then visit St. Barths or Anguilla, both accessible by ferry. Does nature or culture have your interest? Then Saba and St. Eustatius lie around the corner, both at short flight. Island hopping is addictive, you have been warned!

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