Sint-Maarten | Sovereign state in Kingdom of the Netherlands | Capital: Philipsburg | Population: 40.000 (in 2013). Saint-Martin | Overseas region and department of France | Capital: Marigot | Population: 32.000 (in 2015).

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Pinel Island, St. Maarten: Island hopping for dummies

Island hopping, it sounds fun already. But what is it actually? Well, just hopping from one island to the other, visiting several islands within a trip. The Caribbean and especially St. Maarten are very suitable for this activity, by ferry or by plane for instance. For whom this is all just a little too exciting, there is Pinel Island. A small island near the French part of St. Maarten. A completely different world, a little paradise, and therefore a complete feeling of being somewhere else. Come on, I’ll take you to Pinel Island; Island hopping for dummies.

Where in St. Maarten can I find Fort William and how do I get there?

Unlike the French part, it seems like the Dutch part did not dealt careful with the treasures from bygone eras. Yet there are still remains of two impressive forts. One is Fort William. Marked on basically any tourist map but not to find on the island. The explorer in me had to rediscover this fort. It […]

Saint Martin; where The Netherlands borders with France

Saint Martin is a very small island and important hub in the Caribbean. This particular island is also a division of countries since 1648. Due to a twist in history it is the only place in the world where The Netherlands (Sint-Maarten) still borders with France (Saint Martin).