Top 5 most stunning sunset in the Caribbean

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Martinique sunset zonsondergang

Top 5 most stunning sunset in the Caribbean

Nothing beats a Caribbean sunset. That moment the evening falls and daylight is fading. The blue sky is traded by a beautifully red orange sky. The Caribbean is a fantastic area to see this phenomenon. I give you my top 5 of the most magical sunset in the Caribbean.

The Caribbean islands are the perfect setting for a great sunset. What could be better after a day at the beach than to watch the sun set into the ocean? Because of the location of the islands dusk is relatively shorter than usual. The summer in Europe for example, it may easily be dusky there for one hour and a half. In the Caribbean dusk lasts half an hour at most. As a result, in a much shorter time the air subject to all sorts of shades of color. In a short time the sky and clouds are changing in a color palette of red and orange as the sun fades into the sea. This makes a sunset in the Caribbean a fantastic spectacle to enjoy.

  1. Anse-Noire (Martinique)

  2. Marie-Galante (Guadeloupe)

  3. Tortola (British Virgin Islands)

  4. Basse-Terre (Guadeloupe)

  5. Les Anses d’Arlet (Martinique)

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