Only in St. Lucia; the Pitons and world’s only drive-in volcano Sulphur Springs

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Gros Piton Soufriere beach St. Lucia

Only in St. Lucia; the Pitons and world’s only drive-in volcano Sulphur Springs

St. Lucia is one of the most exclusive islands in the Caribbean. The Pitons, two characteristic volcanic peaks and part of the UNESCO World Heritage, are very photogenic. St. Lucia also houses the world’s only real drive-in volcano Sulphur Springs. Are you going to explore this adventurous island?

The Pitons are an undeniable attraction in St. Lucia. Several luxurious resorts make grateful use of them, a room with Piton view costs more than average. Quite right, because where else in the world you find such a photogenic beauty? Not without reason the Pitons have been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Pitons are a remnant of a heavy volcanic eruption thousands of years ago. Like many other Caribbean islands, St. Lucia is of volcanic origin. The island is still volcanically active.

Pitons Caribbean Sea St. Lucia

The Pitons from the water

Drive-in volcano Sulphur Springs

Many resorts are located near the Pitons, such as the luxurious Ladera and the authentic Fond Doux Estate. You might not notice these resorts were built near the implanted crater of an old volcano. Unique in the world is you can just drive through this crater by car! The moment you enter, you’ll notice this volcano is still alive! Glowing steam escapes from the earth, quite a spectacle!

Sulphur Springs St. Lucia

Glowing steam escapes from the earth

Sulphur Springs, as the crater is called, honors its name. Sulphur means sulfur and you already smell this from big distance. Sulfur smells like rotten eggs, go figure. An interesting fact: the town of Soufrière is the French designation of Sulphur or sulfur. Here you can immediately conclude why so many Soufrière’s can be found on the Caribbean islands; the French were well in conquering islands, but not excelled in originality. For example, Guadeloupe‘s volcano, a town in Dominica, the volcano of Montserrat and the crater on St. Vincent are all called Soufrière.

Close to the glowing steam at Sulphur Springs, a river flows which has created a natural mud bath. This river is gray in color and the temperature is 113 degrees Fahrenheit! The gray color is caused by high concentrations of sulfur, iron, copper and all kinds of other components. The people of St. Lucia believes in the beneficial effect of these chemical elements. Therefore it’s a popular (tourist) attraction which allows you to immerse yourself with this beneficial mud. Of course I have done this myself.

Sulphur Springs St. Lucia

Premium Caribbean incognito in St. Lucia

Gros and Petit Piton, try to repeat this a couple times. You fail… 🙂

Funny header, right? The Pitons and St. Lucia are inextricably linked. Both from the water as from the countryside, the two volcanic peaks provides breathtaking imagery. I was very tempted to capture as much as possible with my camera, but realized in time to appreciate and enjoy them without camera as well. Enjoy the beauty of it! Moreover, the months of September to November are the best time to capture the Pitons, they are beautifully green because these months it rains more than average.

Petit Piton St. Lucia

Petit Piton seen from Jalousie Beach

Petit Piton and Gros Piton are both suitable to climb, although Gros Piton is well suited for the advanced hiker. Jalousie Beach is located between the two Pitons. The luxury resort of Sugar Beach is also situated here, absolutely no punishment to stay here. Make sure you go to this beach because one can enjoy the resort’s facilities. Staff of the resort even brings you up and down the hill! Of course, it is appreciated you spend some money, but who doesn’t want a cocktail in your own hammock and a view like this?

The Tet Paul Nature Trail

A highly recommended walk that everyone can handle is The Tet Paul Nature Trail. It starts near Fond Doux Estate. It’s a 45 minute trail. “Is that worth it?”, I now hear the experienced hiker asking. Yes, most definately! It offers breathtaking panoramic views of St. Lucia. As a result one can enjoy views over the Pitons, the mountains in the north, the east and south coast, the Atlantic Ocean, St. Vincent, the Caribbean Sea and with a little luck even Martinique! There are some platforms there to make beautiful pictures, or just to enjoy this beautiful and unique place on earth.

Gros Piton St. Lucia

View of Gros Piton from The Tet Paul Nature Trail


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