How Virgin Gorda became a magnet for tourism thanks to The Baths

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Virgin Gorda The Baths

How Virgin Gorda became a magnet for tourism thanks to The Baths

Some call them the eight world wonder. Others are wondering how those stones actually ended up in Virgin Gorda. One thing is certain, one who have visited Virgin Gorda can’t deny that these rocks, The Baths, are a world class tourist attraction.

Virgin Gorda The BathsVirgin Gorda is best to reach by boat. From Road Town, Tortola take the first ferry early in the morning. When you sail with the ferry from Tortola to Virgin Gorda, The Baths stone formation seems not really impressive, yet. I had heard and read a lot about it, so my expectations were high! The ferry stops at Spanish Town, the capital of the island. You can move yourself best on Virgin Gorda by rental car.

Realize that everyone who was on the ferry came here for just one thing: The Baths. You would be wise to first explore the island with your rental car. For example, drive along the scenic route to North Sound. With panoramic views along the way to include Saba Rock and Necker Island, the residence of rounder and billionaire Richard Branson. When you’re lucky you even spot flat Anegada on a clear day!

Virgin Gorda The BathsBy noon head into Spanish Town and stick to the signage that takes you to The Baths. On the way there you will pass many open taxi vans full (cruise ship) tourists who are heading back to the ferry. That’s a good sign, because now you have the unique place all to yourself!

The Baths are one of the national parks in the British Virgin Islands. Because it is a protected area, a small price is asked as access. Unlike the origin of most of the Virgin Islands suggests, the rock formation is not volcanic. They are pure granite boulders that are worn beautifully by erosion due to the Caribbean Sea. The boulders form natural tidal pools, tunnels, arches and beautiful caves leading to the open sea. The largest boulders are up to 12 meters tall!

Virgin Gorda The BathsAlong the huge boulders there’s an adventurous route. After some clambering, ducking and slipping you finally reach a beautiful beach surrounded by the granite stones. Because of the tides, it is strongly recommended to take the tour for half five in the afternoon and finish. The seawater can rise quickly up to 2 meters in some places!

On vacation there are always those silly unworldly people who have no clue where they went on holiday. During my deserved session floating in the sea, I see a group of lost people arriving on the beach surrounded by the granite stones. Then an American woman of that group comes to me. All sweaty, breathless and slightly annoyed she asks me: “Gee, can you tell me how to get to The Baths? We do not see them though. You know where we can find those baths? What are these big stones anyway?” Priceless!

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