I give you 10 reasons why Guadeloupe should be your next holiday destination

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Marie Galante - Plage de la Feuillère

I give you 10 reasons why Guadeloupe should be your next holiday destination

Guadeloupe is a small archipelago of islands. It is a French overseas department in the Caribbean. This makes it a direct part of France. There are many reasons to visit this French overseas paradise! I give you the top 10.

  1. French culture in the tropics.

    Searching an alternative for France? Add a tropical twist to your vacation and go to the French Caribbean! In Guadeloupe you will find the typical French culture. In the morning and afternoon one is already run off with baguette. During the hottest part of the day you see groups of people in the shadows of the palms playing a game of bocce. And if you thought that you can help yourself in English, you are wrong. Chauvinistic as they are; they only speak French.

  2. Easy payment with the Euro.

    Perfect right? You fly eight hours across the Atlantic and you can just bring your Euros with you. Standard of living is comparable to ours. Keep in mind that you spend about as much money when you having dinner, go for shopping or when you give a tip.

  3. French cuisine with a Caribbean twist.

    Do you just love French cuisine? That is fortunate, they use it in Guadeloupe as well. Of course with a Caribbean twist. Fish comes fresh from the sea and dishes are prepared with local herbs and spices. Typical French dishes like Margret de canard and escargots can not be missed.

  4. French wine lovers are well catered.

    What a relief, there is abundance at French wine in  Guadeloupe. This is simply imported from the mainland of France. Unlike many other islands, where it is relatively difficult to consume affordable French wine. Please be aware of a side effect. Red wine can in fact be experienced differently because of the significantly higher temperature. But in the evening when it is already cooling down, it will not bother you.

  5. Several islands, more diversity.

    Island hopping was never that easy! Guadeloupe is an archipelago consisting of several islands. There is incredible diversity. Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre, the two main islands, are separated by a narrow strait which is bridged. Basse-Terre, mountainous and mostly shrouded in tropical forest with beautiful waterfalls and plenty of other tropical vegetation. In terms of natural beauty I find it the most beautiful one. Grande Terre has beautiful white sandy beaches and a relatively flat landscape. Les Saintes (9 tiny islands 15 kilometers south of Basse-Terre) are a paradise for sailing enthusiasts. An idyllic place where time seems to stand still and there is almost no car to find. Two of the islands are inhabited; Terre-de-Haut and Terre-de-Bas. Then there’s Marie-Galante. A flat island the size of Saint Martin, but with less inhabitants. The island has some beautiful white sandy beaches and stunning views of the other islands of Guadeloupe and neighboring Dominica. Finally there is La Désirade, located 8 kilometers east from Grande Terre. A small and sparsely populated island, known for its fresh seafood, iguanas and scenery. All islands are daily accessible by ferry. Diving enthusiasts are well catered in Guadeloupe. There are so many dive sites around the archipelago. What about snorkeling with turtles? It’s all possible.

  6. Pearly white beaches.

    You think of the Caribbean, you think of white sandy beaches. The best one you will find on Marie-Galante in the town of Capesterre-de-Marie-Galante. Plage de la Feuillère complete with numerous swaying palm trees is my favorite. But just above the village of Deshaies in Basse-Terre you will find Plage de la Grande Anse. An immeasurably long yellow-white sand beach. Looking for the more touristy? Then you need to go to Saint-Anne in Grande-Terre; Plage de la Caravelle. Please note that it may be pretty busy there, even in the off season. On Basse-Terre are lots of beautiful black volcanic sand beaches.

  7. Lodging for everyone.

    Whether you prefer to stay in a hotel or feeling comfortable in a bed and breakfast. You can rent a private house or looking for something special in terms of eco-tourism. It’s all possible in Guadeloupe. You can make it as cheap or expensive as you want.

  8. Relatively cheap accessible by Air France-KLM.

    Not unimportant, Guadeloupe is properly put on the market by KLM. Air France-KLM takes you from Amsterdam, Dusseldorf or Paris in just nine hours to the archipelago. Rates vary between € 450 and € 700 for a return ticket, based on season and promotional fares. There are direct flights from New York and Saint Martin as well.

  9. Guadeloupe is easy to explore by rental car.

    Guadeloupe infrastructure is in good condition. There are actually real highways on the island! Therefore it is ideal to move yourself by rental car. Do not get fooled, a car in the economy class is okay for your stay. However, automatic transmission instead of manual can be comfortable in the mountains. All major rental companies are located in Guadeloupe. If you want to save some money you go for a local rental company.

  10. Wonderful Caribbean climate.

    That’s why you want to go to the Caribbean, right? Continuous 30 degrees Celsius during the day. No worries about the weather. Always that pleasant cooling breeze from the northeast. From time to time a cooling rainshower with sometimes spectacular thunderstorms. Do not get fooled by the hurricane season. Year round Guadeloupe is a fantastic holiday destination.

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