All Inclusive at its best: Dominican Republic

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Dominicaanse Republiek - Soana - Dominican Republic

All Inclusive at its best: Dominican Republic

Miles of white sand beaches, turquoise waters, swaying palms and endless all inclusive hotels. I’m talking about the Dominican Republic. Why is this the perfect all inclusive destination?

The Dominican Republic shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti. It is the most visited country by tourists in the Caribbean. This is primarily due a trip to the Dominican Republic is relatively inexpensive. In particular, the all inclusive resorts are guilty of that matter. Is this a bad thing? No, certainly not when your lazy ass needs nothing else but lie on the beach. 24-hours a day the possibility to eat, drink cocktails, have breakfast, have lunch, brunch, dinner, again drinking cocktails and this 7, 14 or 21 days in a row.

Punta Cana in the south is very famous for its miles of white sandy beaches. One resort after the other is being build fast and this creates a strong competition among hotels. The consumer reaps the benefits of it and has a wide choice of relatively low rates. I must admit I’ve enjoyed 21 days on my lazy ass in an all inclusive resort as well, but at the same time I must also confess that I am quite healed now. Sure it’s great you can eat and drink unlimited. The resorts are often as large as a small village, with plenty of entertainment, swimming pools, shops, spas, restaurants and bars. A disadvantage in Punta Cana is that there is nothing outside the resort, no village, no nothing. There is nothing else, so essentially you’re stuck on your resort.

Tip: Want to visit a city next to your resort, then stay in the northern Puerto Plata. The best would be a combination of both. A week beach paradise in Punta Cana and a week liveliness and local culture around you in Puerto Plata.

On day 1 you get a tag on your wrist, so you’re recognizable as a guest of the resort. I hate that kind of stuff, luggage should be tagged, but a person can not be tagged in my opinion. Well, you actually have tried all the restaurants after day 5 and it starts to dislike. About the cocktails nothing but praise, unlimited cocktails like in paradise. But too much alcohol is not good for you, after all you want to remember some of this paradise to tell your friends or family.

Usually you want to see something of the country. I advise you to arrange a local organized excursion, not the highly priced ones arranged by travel agencies. In addition, they make you believe that the country is totally unsafe and that you can only book organized trips in advance. Don’t buy it!

Try the Saona Crusoe Expedition and the day trip to the capital Santo Domingo. The local guides providing wonderful stories, but above all they will take you to those very special places you normally wouldn’t see. From culture shock to a wow feeling, at the end of the day you need at least three days doing nothing to process those impressions. That all-inclusive still count for something…

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