Top 5 prettiest beaches of Tortola

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Cane Garden Bay Tortola

Top 5 prettiest beaches of Tortola

I’m looking for the most beautiful beach in Tortola. Tortola is the largest island of the British Virgin Islands archipelago and also has the biggest population (24,000). A 40-minute flight with Winair and Liat from Dutch St. Maarten gets you to Tortola or via San Juan (Puerto Rico) with Cape Air. Famous for its attractive (tax) climate, as sailing destination and for the beautiful beaches and vistas at the surrounding islands. An island with a turbulent rich history.

My most recent trip brought me to Tortola among others. I am convinced that I was a true explorer in any previous life. A sort of Dutch Columbus or something. I always have the urge to discover, tracking, snooping around and to travel. The first thing that comes in mind when visiting an island are the beaches. I want to have seen them all. All beaches are located on the north side of the island and are all located in different bays. The classification of “prettiest beach of Tortola” takes account of a number of points; type of beach, sea accessibility, facilities and overall accessibility.

  1. Cane Garden Bay:

    For me and many others absolutely Tortola’s most beautiful beach! It is located in a small intimate bay, which can be reached by a spectacular steep road full of hairpin bends. At the bay you’ll find a powdery white-brown fine sandy beach to the crystal clear turquoise Caribbean Sea. The small village of Cane Garden Bay is located right behind the beach. At the beach there are several beach bars and small hotels located, which makes Cane Garden Bay a very lively spot to visit. The beach is equipped with several sunbeds which can be rent at the various beach bars or inns. The seawater has a pleasant temperature, partly because the heat held by the bay. There are hardly any waves and you can walk quite far in the sea without quickly significantly depth. In the evenings there is a cozy atmosphere in the bay, numerous restaurants are open and they all offer live entertainment.  Want to book a overnight stay at this beach? Click hereRating: 9 out of 10 

  2. Smuggler’s Cove:

    This beach is somewhat secluded. To reach it having a car is an absolute must, preferably a four-wheel drive. The road to it is somewhat creative and partly offroad. Since it is not easy to reach, perhaps that’s the reason the charm and beauty of the beach remains well preserved. Smuggler’s Cove is also located in a bay, Lower Belmont Bay. Fine-grained white sandy beach fringed with tropical shrubs and waving palms. The seawater is crystal clear and the wave heights are minimum on quiet days, which makes the water easily accessible. The beach offers stunning views of nearby islands Jost Van Dyke and Little Jost Van Dyke. There are no beach bars or toilet facilities on site, so be sure to bring enough water and food. Rating: 8.5 out of 10 

  3. Long Bay:

    The name already suggests; the longest beach on the island. More than a mile of white sandy beach lined by palm trees, various accommodations and restaurants. Long Bay Beach Club is largely located directly on the beach, which gives the whole a somewhat commercial touch. If it doesn’t bother you, this is a perfect spot. The waves are quite big, on some days bigger which is no exception I’ve heard. The current is strong as well, so be careful. On stormy days, one has to be vigilant, especially in combination with a strong current. For surfers, of course this is an ideal spot. Rating: 7.5 out of 10 

  4. Brewers Bay:

    Unfortunately I can’t objectively rate this beach. I could only admire it from afar, because the road to Brewers Bay was blocked, roadworks. So how can I still place this beach at number 4 of Tortola’s most prettiest beaches? My eyes do not deceive me. Brewers Bay is a small copy of Cane Garden Bay, only without the cozy bars and restaurants. The surf looks calm and the sand has a slightly browner color. Once I get back to the Virgin Islands, this beach gets definitely an update and a real visit! Rating: 7 out of 10 

  5. Josiah’s Bay:

    To reach through narrow country lanes, more situated on the northeast side of Tortola. A pretty broad white sand beach with little shelter by tropical greenery. Only when the sun is somewhat lower at the sky (after 4:30 PM) more shade will created to the left at the cliffs. Only one small beach bar provides you drinks or lunch. Immediately noticeable are the high waves and strong currents. This makes the beach a perfect spot for surfers, but less for beach lovers. This beach is last one placed in the league of most prettiest beach of Tortola. Rating: 6.5 out of 10 

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