Jost Van Dyke; Pirate of the Caribbean

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Jost van Dyke palm

Jost Van Dyke; Pirate of the Caribbean

Jost Van Dyke, a remarkable and bastardized name of a special island. Part of the British Virgin Islands. According to legend, Dutch pirate Joost van Dyk is one of the first Europeans at the beginning of the 17th century who set foot ashore. Traces from this period are scarce, but his name has always been associated with the island.

Welcome to Jost van DykeIn popular parlance you do not talk about Jost Van Dyke, but Jost or JVD. I as Dutchman am still proud that the island is named after the Dutch pirate. I hear you think; pirate? A privateer is not something to be proud of, right? Joost van Dyk was a special pirate and acted long time with approval and on behalf of the Dutch West India Company. In a very short time he built forts on Tortola, Jost Van Dyke and Virgin Gorda. The British Virgin Islands were a strategic location between the Dutch colonies in South America and New Netherlands, (which includes New Amsterdam, better known as New York). Unfortunately, the occupation by the Dutch had a relatively short duration; Spaniards lay in wait and in 1680 the islands were finally in British hands.

Enough with the history lesson, back to the present. Jost Van Dyke has only 300 inhabitants. The atmosphere is very jovial. The island can be easily reached by ferry from Tortola several times a day. The crossing takes only 20 minutes. You arrive in Great Harbour, where the iconic beach bar Foxy’s is located as well. A visit should not be missed.

Jost van Dyke - White Bay

I do not recommend hiring a car to explore the island. Too much hassle, it is better to close a deal with a taxi driver. This will take you to the most beautiful spots on the island for a small fee. Jost Van Dyke is ideal as a day trip and what’s better than to be driven around? After all, you’re on vacation.

One of the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean, White Bay, you will find on Jost Van Dyke. It’s a 5 minutes taxi drive from Great Harbour. On the beach there are several beach bars located, including the famous Soggy Dollar Bar. Advantage is that if you buy a drink or something to eat, you immediately get access to beach beds. Hammock enthusiasts will be in their element. Each available palm tree is envisaged.

Jost van Dyke hammock

The view of the surrounding islands is amazing, you have magnificent view on Tortola, Saint John and Saint Thomas. With some rum and a little imagination, you imagine yourself a real pirate. It must have been great to discover such wonderful jewels of islands. On second thought, it is good that the British fought vigorously for these beautiful islands. Where The Netherlands see her jewels in the Caribbean rather as an expense, the British Virgin Islands do it so much better. Jost Van Dyke is undefiled, laid back and a little world as you experience it nowhere else. The population is friendly and very proud of their island.

Sailing enthusiasts and owners of yachts love Jost Van Dyke. The island has several beautiful quiet coves where boats can anchor. Great Harbour is a popular place, especially during New Year. From around the world people come here to celebrate the new year at Foxy’s. White Bay is also visited daily by catamarans and yachts. The pearly white sand beach and clear blue waters acts as a magnet.

View from Jost van Dyke

Note that you catch the last ferry to Tortola in time, otherwise you’ll have to spend the night on the island. It’s not a real punishment, but you have to keep in mind that there are only a few hotels on the island. In addition, the rates are much higher than on the larger neighboring islands. On the other hand, if you missed the ferry you’ll have to stay in one of the most exclusive islands in the Caribbean. Not a bad thing at all!

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